Only the best for those who gave you their very best

Noong bata ka, your parents gave you the very best alaga. All their efforts went into providing you with the best that they could give. Pero ngayong matanda na sila, incontinence may become a condition that could keep them and their loved ones from living and enjoying a normal life if not taken care of properly.

Now that it’s our turn to care for them, don’t they deserve the very best from us? When incontinence hinders the number one people in our lives, only the number one adult diaper will do: Caress Basic Adult Diapers. It has a Super Absorbent Pad that draws and locks in liquid for a clean and dry feeling; Liquid Distribution Layer (LDL) that quickly draws liquid away from the skin to keep it drier; and Antibiosis and Deodorization that prevent the growth of rash-causing bacteria and instantly neutralize unpleasant odor.

Make their lives as normal as possible by giving them the very best in comfort and protection with Caress Adult Diapers. Available in Day Use and Overnight Maxi variants.